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The Scotland Guide
Illustrated encyclopaedia articles on Scotland. At present there are over 200 articles about Glasgow, the country`s biggest city. The articles are based on the guidebook The Glasgow Guide.

The Globe Travel Guide
Illustrated travel articles about various countries, including France, Iceland, Scotland and the USA.

The Globe Travel Shop
Accommodation and transport around the globe. And lots more interesting things!


Books by David Williams
These include travel guides to Iceland and Scotland.

Welcome to this specialist travel bookshop

The bookshop is an online resource for travellers and was established by David Williams, a Scottish travel writer and photographer, who has travelled to around forty countries around the globe.

There are links to numerous individual online bookshops which are based in many different countries around the globe.

The bookshops listed on this site sell books about every country in the world. As well as general and specialist guidebooks, they also stock a host of subjects: history, geography, natural history, politics, architecture, culture, the arts, literature, walking, sport, food, drink ... and lots more.

Second-hand bookshops are also included in the site.

There are also links to individual publishers who publish books and maps of interest to travellers, either about particular countries or about specialist subjects.

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy.
The Leaning Tower of Pisa. This was built in 1173 in Pisa, Italy, and started to tilt even before it was finished. This is one of Europe`s most famous monuments and it draws countless visitors who marvel at this gravity-defying masterpiece.